Available Puppies

Still available 1 male and 1 female longcoated puppies, born: 30.10.2018

Father: Margman Tyson (Margman Ylandos – Margman Ungana)
HD/ED=normal, DNA-gepr. (SV) BH, KK-2.

Mother: Yulka von Nord Traum (Rasmus von Nord Traum – Tsatsa von Nord Traum)
SG, HD=A, ED=0, IPO1.

Available puppies:

Male, Lennart von Nord Traum


Female, Laiza von Nord Traum


Margman C-Litter

Born: 14.07.2018
5 male (2 black) & 3 female (2 black, 1 longcoated).








Mother: +Margman Yo-Yo








Father: +Henko vom Holtkämper Hof



We are glad to introduce our Margman C – litter!!!Father: +Henko vom Holtkämper Hof Mother: +Margma Yo-YoFor those beautiful photos thank you very much Rain Heinsoo and Katriin Salumaa!

Posted by Margit Kuusman on Pühapäev, 2. september 2018

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